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Bestway - Pool Drain Pump

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Quickly empty your Lay-Z-Spa with the Water Drain Pump (800gal). Able to empty a hot tub or pool in minutes, a water pump lets you conveniently direct to where you want to discard your water.

Simply plug the pump into an electrical outlet and turn on before lowering the pump into the water. The water can then be directed into your desired location using the included 5m hose.

Able to pump 800gal (3,028L) of water per hour, the pump has been manufactured from durable corrosion-resistant materials so you can use it summer after summer. Once the hot tub is fully drained, simply unplug and store away ready for its next use.


  • Swift and simple way to clear a spa of dirty water
  • Power cord simply plugs into an electrical outlet.
  • 5m length hose
  • Drains 800gal (3,028L) of water per hour
  • Compatible with all spas in the Lay-Z-Spa collection