Bestway 53
Bestway 53
Bestway 53
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Bestway 53" X 78"/1.35M X 1.98M Pre Historic Rider

QAR 99.00

Designed to get kids moving, grooving and out of the house, the Prehistoric Rider puts the focus back on fun! The Prehistoric Rider is a fun way for floating around the pool. The rider comes with heavy duty handles so kids can hang on tight while they wade the day away on the water! The Prehistoric Rider has patent-pending movable arms so kids can really feel like they are flying across the water! Grab a handful of friends to ride their realistic looking dinosaurs together and they will be in command of the water and the center of attention! Constructed from sturdy, pre-tested vinyl, the Prehistoric Rider is durable and long lasting. Splashing in the sun has never been more fun!

* Safety valves
* Sturdy pre-tested vinyl
* Heavy-duty handles
* Movable wings
* Repair patch included 
Contents: One rider, repair patch