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Battat Bridge Construction Play Set

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The Driven “Bridge Building” game kit is an interesting and exciting game for developing a child’s dexterity, smooth hand movements, dexterity, coordination, and fine motor skills of the fingers. Such a game set will not make the baby sit still. Also, the child will be able to show imagination and logic.The set consists of 35 items necessary for construction: road signs, concrete mixers, building blocks, bridge elements, as well as the exclusive Driven Truck Crane with moving parts and LED headlights. The machine is multi functional: the hook extends, the crane turns up and down, the platform spins, the cab leans back to show the engine, the doors open.The machine has realistic lighting effects and sounds. All the details are assembled and raised using a truck crane. The main feature is that the bridge can be lengthened. All elements of the bridge are compatible with other sets of the manufacturer.