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Barbie Ice Cream Cart Set

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Serve up all kinds of sweet treats with the Barbie ice cream cart! this delicious set comes with three ice cream scoops, two cones, two spoons, play whip cream, working scooper, play chocolate syrup bottle, cash register, play credit card, three play popsicles, and a sprinkle shaker! kids can pretend to run their own ice cream stand and serve their customers sweet treats from the ice cream cart! the cart features plenty of storage space and spots to fit the ice cream scoops and popsicles with a clear cover that flips open. The play ice cream scoops are made with tactile squishy material that is so fun to squeeze! kids can use the scooper tool to serve the ice cream in a cone for their customers! use the play toppings to make special orders and the play cash register to check out customers.