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Barbie Pizza Chef Doll And Playset

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Cook up fun with a pizza play set that comes with Barbie doll, an oven with creative working features and all the ingredients to make, "bake" and serve pizza, including three different colors of dough
Use the included dough -- white, beige and red -- to create pizza in a few, easy steps: place the beige and red dough into the pizza press and flatten for the pizza crust and sauce; move it along the conveyor belt by sliding the lever to the next station; fill the toppings shredder with white dough and turn the hand crank to sprinkle "cheese" onto the pizza; then slide the lever again to move the pizza into the oven
When it's "baked" long enough, slide it out with the pizza slider and cut it up with the slicer
Use the spatula to serve slices on the 2 green plates or send the whole pie out in a pizza boxx
Take orders and payment at the register that sits on the counter under the menu