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Barbie Bakery Shop

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  • ​Barbie baker doll comes with a sweet play set that lets kids bake, decorate and display cakes using Barbie dough and fun working features
  • ​The bakery island play set has an oven with a removable mold for two cakes, one big and one small, to create cakes with 1 or 2 layers
  • ​Kids will love to fill the Barbie play set mold with the included dough (3 colors are included), shape using the dough flattening piece, place in the oven and pull the lever to watch the cakes rise
  • Children can decorate the sides of a layer by placing it on the cake stand and selecting 1 of 3 designs, sliding the lever to bring the stand closer to the stencil and spinning it by hand to imprint the dough
  • Includes a Barbie doll, baker and loads of accessories, kitchen island, cake-rising oven and display case, Barbie dough, cake decorating tool, 3 stencils, cake toppers, dough shape, pastry bag, register, cake server, place setting and a to-go box
  • ​A display case, register, place setting and a to-go box are all that young minds need to make up fun pastry and cake scenes
  • ​This Barbie doll gift idea is ready for kids to serve up fun, wearing a professionally themed outfit with cake-decorated apron. Youngsters can help Barbie stack layers for the perfect creation and top with 1 of 3 sweet cake toppers