Playgo Paint Pottery Wheel 2 In 1
Playgo Paint Pottery Wheel 2 In 1
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Playgo Paint Pottery Wheel 2 In 1

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Pottery wheel for kids by PlayGo allows your little ones to create and decorate pots and vases. This pottery wheel improves your child’s interpersonal skills. Pave the way for a better future by introducing your little ones to this PlayGo 2 in 1 Paint and Pottery Wheel. It will certainly make your children more expressive and communicative. This pottery wheel not only enhances your children’s creativity but also make them more stable and focused. The painting wheel allows them to paint various objects with vibrant colors, thereby improving their coloring skills. All the more, they can make beautiful pots and vases in different shapes and size and decorate them to give them a personalized touch.

Age : 3 years and Above