Playgo Deco Collection Metal Cookware
Playgo Deco Collection Metal Cookware
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Playgo Deco Collection Metal Cookware

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Playgo Group is one of the most reputable exporters and manufacturers in Hong Kong. We have been engaging in toy design and manufacturing business since the 1970's. Playgo Group is specialized in wide range products which include infant toys, preschool toys, boy items, girl items, dough, outdoor toys, art & music related toys and games. we have developed more than 1000 toy products. stylish girls can enjoy applying makeup and styling their hair while perched in front of the vanity. The play set is represented by a variety of kitchen utensils, which will be a great addition to the children's play kitchen. The girl will acquire household skills, prepare dinner for her dolls, trying on the role of a caring hostess. Realistic performance of all game attributes will make the game fun and believable. FEATURES/SPECIFICATIONS: Made with high quality materials Made with non-toxic materials Perfect for pretend and play Safe for Children to Play. The set is represented by 15 pieces of kitchen utensils that will delight the little hostess and help to acquire useful skills. The girl would be happy to cook lunch for her dolls , using a pan with a lid, frying pan, ladle and devices. The dishes are made of metal and plastic, have a realistic performance, which will add believability (more...)

Age: 3 years and Above