Viga Wall Toy - Caterpillar
Viga Wall Toy - Caterpillar
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Viga Wall Toy - Caterpillar

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*A mulifunctional wall toy with a cute image of a caterpillar, including wire beads, rolling disc with sound and nice
patterns, lock toy and turning gears.
*The body is divided into 5 parts which is easy to disassemble, install and transport. There are different kinds of toy
functions on each wooden board. If damaged, that part can be changed for a new one separately.
*The eyes of the caterpillar could be fapped, so different express ions will be shown,which cultivates children's
emotional cognitive skills.
*Turn the discs on the second board to get amazing visual effects, different patterns will be seen under different
rotation speeds.
*On the third board the kids could learn about the change on colors with different combinations of the three primary
colors(red,yellow and blue).
*Open the lock, different colors correspond to different materials (EVA, velcro, mirror, felt cloth, corrugated card).
*The last board is not an ordinary easy gear, the kids can combine different gear structures by themselves through the
track, and make the gears link together
*Several children could play together and share happiness, they can not only play for fun but also learn a lot, such as
basic ideas of colors, sound, graphical. It also can develop hand-eye coordination ,social skill and tactile skill.
* A perfect and brilliant toy combination for schools, kindergartens, learning center and public areas.