Schleich - Horse Club Sarah's Baby Animal Care
Schleich - Horse Club Sarah's Baby Animal Care
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Schleich - Horse Club Sarah's Baby Animal Care

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  • Sarah loves animals. When a Quarter foal was born she was right by the mare's side to tend to her needs
  • She bottle-fed him, groomed him with the massage brush and played with him
  • Sarah has even taken the responsibility of taking care of a very young puppy who's all snuggled up in his warm and cozy blanket in his basket
  • Horse Club Sarah’s Baby Animal Care Set includes a quarter horse mare, quarter horse foal, puppy, blanket, little basket, little bottle, dog bowl, massage brush and apples. The little accessories can fit into the hands of any of the Schleich figures
  • Schleich figures are hand-painted and are highly-detailed to provide valuable educational playtime for the little ones
  • Young ones will enjoy playing with these figures and put their imaginative stories into action; all the while learning new facts about these animals. It can also be displayed or be a part of a miniature scene
  • Suitable for children ages 5 to 12 years