Gloplay Animal
Gloplay Animal
Gloplay Animal
Gloplay Animal
  • SKU: GLP106GEN00002

Gloplay Animal

QAR 36.00 QAR 59.00

Material: PVC
Made in Japan
Package Size: 3.8” x 11”

Keep the decal surfaces clean to best maintain their original brightness.

For best results, stick Gloplay decals in a location where they will be exposed to bright lights when lights are on.

*Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only.

Remove decals gently, avoiding any damage to your walls.

Choking Hazards not for children 3 and under. Do not put it in your mouth.

It can be applied to any surface whether it’s flat, bumpy, paper, cloth or wood…However, depending on the material, the wallpaper or paint may be affected when peeling off the sticker, so we recommend performing a sticking test on a small adhesive surface. When you remove the stickers from their surface, gently peel them to avoid any lasting effects.


Mouse x1, Gorilla x1, Giraffe x1, Rabbit x1, Squirrel x1, Pig x1, Hedgehog x1, Deer x1, Sheep x1, Prairie dog x1, Mole x1, Monkey x1, Elephant x1, Bat x1, Cat x1, Ostrich x1, Turtle x1, Dog x1, Snake x1, Seal x1, Lion x1, Hippo x1, Horse x1, Chicken x1, Penguin x1, Lizard x1, Owl x1, Bear x1, Fox x1