Playgo Home Ironing Set
Playgo Home Ironing Set
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Playgo Home Ironing Set

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Playgo Group is one of the most reputable exporters and manufacturers in Hong Kong. We have been engaging in toy design and manufacturing business since the 1970's. Playgo Group is specialized in wide range products which include infant toys, preschool toys, boy items, girl items, dough, outdoor toys, art & music related toys and games. we have developed more than 1000 toy products. That’s how I ironed, like this, like this, that’s how I ironed like that, that’s how I ironed that I saw her With the PlayGo ironing board and ironing set, your little one will learn and have fun at the same time. The ironing board has dimensions of 13×48 cm and incorporates a basket on one side to support the iron or accessories. It has a very realistic design like the iron, which incorporates a roulette to regulate the temperature, like the real ones. The set includes 1 iron, 1 board, 2 hangers and 2 anti-wrinkle cleaning products for ironing. This toy is recommended after 24 months and develops learning, manual skills, fosters imagination and socialization. FEATURES/SPECIFICATIONS: Made with high quality materials Made with non-toxic materials Perfect for pretend and play You will love the iron and board set PlayGo! The ironing board measures 13×48 cm and the iron has a roulette to regulat(more...)

Age : 3 Plus