Simba SL Welcome Unicorn
Simba SL Welcome Unicorn
Simba SL Welcome Unicorn
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Simba SL Welcome Unicorn

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  • Dressing doll - Steffi Love is a real fashion doll. She loves chic clothes, trendy hairstyles, her little sister Evi and of course her friend Kevin. Girls can style and dress their doll in the current fashion trends
  • With pregnant unicorn - Steffi enchants as a beautiful colourful fairy and is looking forward to the birth of a unicorn baby. If you turn the tail of the pregnant pink unicorn, it brings a little white unicorn to the world
  • Boy or girl - to learn the gender of the unicorn, put it in the small purple tub and fill it with warm water. If it is a girl, the mane turns pink, a boy turns blue
  • Large variety of themes – the Steffi Love range includes many different categories such as fashion, fairy tales, animal, horse and living worlds. Due to the variety of themes, girls can always immerse themselves in new roles and replay them
  • Simba Toys - Elephant Fun At the heart of product development is the enthusiasm of children. For boys and girls, small and large. Children should have fun and be encouraged