Matching Game - Monester
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Matching Game - Monester

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This colorful Monsters from Learning Journey set of 15 themed puzzle pieces gives kids a great introduction to the realm of dinosaurs. Children will develop problem-solving and recognition skills by matching the colors and characteristics of each cute, colorful and unique monster. The puzzles are self-correcting, because no two puzzle pieces are alike. The game Monsters Matching is interactive and fun! Friendly and colorful images create ample opportunities for conversation and learning. The powerful theme is designed to promote conversational and social skills and to capture the child's imagination. INTRODUCE THE PUZZLES IN A SIMPLE, FUN WAY - Matching puzzles are designed to give the little one the right level of challenge; start by giving him only two matching pieces; increases the level of challenge by simply offering more pieces. DEVELOP TROUBLESHOOTING SKILLS - These puzzles are a great way to help your child develop basic problem-solving skills such as creative thinking and perseverance. These are competencies that can be transferred to other tasks. IMPROVING CONCENTRATION - This is my first matching game! The puzzle is a great way to increase your child's ability to focus on the task at hand. The puzzle is perfectly formed, which means that only one piece will match any other, eliminating frustration and increasing the power of concentration for longer. INCREASE SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE - Correctly completing each mini puzzle and rewarding with a fun image related to the interesting theme of the monsters is a great impetus for increasing a child's confidence. Learning more about a subject can be an essential part of increasing a child's self-esteem, especially as they share this new knowledge with others.
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