Professor Puzzle Quizoo Roulette
Professor Puzzle Quizoo Roulette
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Professor Puzzle Quizoo Roulette

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  • Quizoo Roulette - The kazoo based music trivia game for the whole family by Professor Puzzle.
  • Includes 4 Kazoos, 1 Spinner, Instructions, 240 songs split into six categories; ‘Disco Diva’, ‘Oldie But Goodie’, ‘Rock Your Socks Off’, ‘Hip Hop Hero’, ‘Pop Star Party’ and ‘Made Famous By’.
  • Put your musical skills & knowledge to the test as you take turns tooting out tunes on the kazoo for the other players to guess.
  • Take a kazoo, spin the spinner to decide a category. Use the kazoo to play the tune of the song whilst the other players guess which song is being played. The first player to give five correct answers wins one point.
  • Part of Professor Puzzles Games Academy - A collection of fun, unique trivia quiz games / party games.
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