Ks Kids Jumbo Go Go Go
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Ks Kids Jumbo Go Go Go

QAR 349.00
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Jumbo Go Go Go is a spacious car for the baby to cuddle in, drink a bottle of gruel in and watch TV in. But it is also extremely fun and entertaining for the little ones. The car has an electronic dashboard with horn, the traffic lights in green, yellow and red and a ignition key with engine sound. The steering wheel clicks when you turn it. The car also has a rearview mirror with a child-friendly mirror in it. The dashboard can be removed and attached to, for example, the stroller's frame. The car's chassis has a drink holder that fits perfectly for the baby's baby bottle and at the back of the car there is a net pocket where they can store their favorite toys or why not the pacifier, so that it does not get lost! 
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