Jurassic World Dominion Pteranodon Dinosaur Flyer
Jurassic World Dominion Pteranodon Dinosaur Flyer
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Jurassic World Dominion Pteranodon Dinosaur Flyer

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  • FLYS INDOORS - The official Jurassic World Dominion Pteranodon Flyer lets your child re-enact epic movie scenes! This officially licensed Jurassic Dinosaur Flyer is perfectly detailed and designed for indoor flying!
  • HAND CONTROLLED - Built-in proximity sensors detect movement beneath from your hands or feet! Wave your hands below it to send your Dinosaur Flyer upwards. Challenge family or friends to see who can keep the Flyer in the air the longest
  • FLAPPING WINGS - Jurassic World Dominion Pteranadon Dinosaur Flyer can be adjusted in seconds for flying in small or large rooms! Once activated and airborne the wings flap rapidly producing a spectacular special effect
  • EASY TO FLY - Holding the body of the Flyer simply press the on/off fob, wave your hand below and let go. Lightweight and easy to fly. Ideal for beginners and experienced flyers alike. Includes recharging USB and button cell battery in fob
  • OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE - The Jurassic World Collection features unique toys and gifts inspired by the Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom & Jurassic Park film franchises and the Netflix Camp Cretaceous animated series that are authorised and licensed by Universal Pictures.
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