DC Batman Fig 4
DC Batman Fig 4
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DC Batman Fig 4" Dlx Tech Suit

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Level up and prepare for the ultimate battle with the deluxe Bat-Tech Batman 4-inch Action Figure! Join the iconic Caped Crusader in an exciting battle, geared up in powerful transforming Tech Armor! This deluxe 4-inch Batman figure is highly detailed with Bat-Tech styling and 11 points of articulation for you to pose any way you want. To get Bat-Tech Batman ready for battle, place him in the Tech Armor to power up, then close it up and play out your epic battles! The Super-Villains of Gotham City are no match for your figure’s transforming Tech Armor! To remove Batman from the Tech Armor, simply lift the top and pull your figure out. Add all of the 4-inch Batman Action Figures to your collection (each sold separately) for more Batman adventures. Save Gotham City with the deluxe Bat-Tech Batman 4-inch Action Figure!
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