Marvel Spider Verse Feature Guitar
Marvel Spider Verse Feature Guitar
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Marvel Spider Verse Feature Guitar

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Spider-Punk is a British, punk rock Spider-Man with a wicked electric guitar. Imagine shredding on the guitar like Spider-Punk with the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Spider-Punk Web Blast Guitar from Marvel! Kids can rock out with this musical toy with 3 music genres to choose from, including punk rock, hip hop, and electronic. Use the strum pad to start playing, then use the fret sensors to play a cool Spidey solo! Tap the fret sensors while lifting the neck of the kids guitar toy to add power chord FX! And if the bad guys crash the show, pull down on the whammy bar to activate the whammy bar blast feature, which fires an included web projectile, all without missing a single beat. Marvel toys like this Spider-Man guitar toy make great super hero gifts for kids that love playing with Spider-Man toys. Add these toys for 5 year old boys and girls and up to your Marvel toy collection!

Ages 5 and up.
WARNING: Small parts may be generated.

  • SPIDER-PUNK WEB BLAST GUITAR: Kids can imagine they're rocking out with this electronic guitar toy and protecting their neighborhood with web projectile-blasting action and over 25 sounds
  • 3 STYLES OF MUSIC: Kids can choose between 3 styles of music, including punk rock, hip hop, and electronic, and use the strum pad on the Spider-Punk Web Blast Guitar to start playing
  • POWER CHORD FX: Lift the neck of this musical Spider-Man toy guitar while tapping the fret sensors to unlock power chord FX and take the song to the next level
  • WHAMMY BAR BLAST: Give the bad guys a rockin' surprise with this music toy by pulling down on the guitar's whammy bar to blast 1 of the 2 included web projectiles without missing a beat
  • SPIDEY SOLO: Use the fret sensors on the neck of the Spider-Punk Web Blast Guitar to really shred with an awesome Spidey solo
  • SPIDER-MAN GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Spider-Man toys make excellent gifts for 5 year old boys and girls and up!
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