Barbie Dreamtopia Feature Hair
Barbie Dreamtopia Feature Hair
Barbie Dreamtopia Feature Hair
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Barbie Dreamtopia Feature Hair

QAR 269.00
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  • Inspire fairytale storytelling and styling fun with Barbie Dreamtopia Twist 'n Style Princess doll!
  • This Barbie princess doll has extra-long, 8.5-inch hair, rainbow hair extensions for twisting and braiding, and a tool that makes styling fun and easy.
  • Comb her hair, then plug two or three of the hair beads into the styling tool and press to twist into all kinds of unique styles for Barbie doll!
  • Clip 3 additional hair beads into any section of Barbie doll's blonde hair to twist and braid along with her rainbow extensions. The possibilities are endless!
  • Customize the look with colorful barrettes and a tiara, then take Barbie princess doll on a royal adventure.
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