Goliath Wahu Hop Skin'n Splash
Goliath Wahu Hop Skin'n Splash
Goliath Wahu Hop Skin'n Splash
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Goliath Wahu Hop Skin'n Splash

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  • Kids will love our Hop, Skip, Splash hopscotch with a built in sprinkler system. But beware, hop and skip in the right spot or you'll get blasted by water! Play the classic game like never before with this version which sends out a stream of water from its circles to keep the kids cool. This is the WAHU way to get wet. Includes a hose connection to fit any outlet. For Ages 5+
  • Wahu represents active outdoor living and sharing the fun with family and friends. Wahu is a way of life
  • Wahu Hop Skip 'n' Splash puts a twist on the classic hopscotch that features a built-in sprinkler system that lets kids cool down on a hot summer day
  • You’d better hop inside the circle or you will get hit with a blast of water
  • Hop, Skip ’n’ Splash is the WAHU way to get wet! This hopscotch is 2.25 m long and includes 3 tokens so kids can play the classic game or create their own version
  • Recommended for ages 5+ Preferred use of this product is on flat, well-grassed lawns. Avoid use on hard surfaces
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