RastarLamborghini Sian RC 1 14
RastarLamborghini Sian RC 1 14
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RastarLamborghini Sian RC 1 14

QAR 189.00
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A superb licensed Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 remote control car in 1:14 scale, this multifunctional toy, while entertaining, also develops your little one's motor coordination and motor skills.

The model made under the Lamborghini licence has been reproduced to the smallest detail. It is a very beautiful and fast model. Both the bodywork and other details of the vehicle have been transferred to a smaller scale. On the road, the silhouette of the machine looks light and dynamic. The cushioned suspension gives a smooth ride. Luminous front and rear lights that light up when the vehicle is in motion add to the fun.
A comfortable to hold remote control provides forward, reverse and right and left turn control.

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