VTech Lullaby Lambs Mobile
VTech Lullaby Lambs Mobile
VTech Lullaby Lambs Mobile
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VTech Lullaby Lambs Mobile

QAR 299.00
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  • LULLABY LAMBS MOBILE: Featuring three soft, cuddly sheep with cute smiling faces that dangle from the mobile and spin around as the mobile projects. This baby soother has a detachable design which allows you to use it with most cots and play pens or alternatively project from a bedside table
  • SOOTHING MUSIC: 4 lullabies and 40 melodies including nature sounds and white noise, helps your baby to relax and soothes them to sleep while encouraging auditory and sensory development
  • NURSERY NIGHT LIGHT: This baby music toy projects 4 colourful light patterns helping to stimulate visual awareness while helping your little one to fall asleep
  • NEWBORN TOY: Included is a remote control which allows you to change the volume, or play and pause the music without disturbing babies from their sleep. A timer for 5, 15 and 30 minutes allowed you to choose how long the sounds play for
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR NEWBORN BABIES: This cute baby projector is the ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas, as it is specifically designed to support development for newborn babies to 3 year old boys and girls
  • Note: If the item stops working , please insert new batteries
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