Bestway 6'6
Bestway 6'6
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  • معرف المنتج BES106OUT00798

Bestway 6'6" X 41" X 33"/1.98M X 1.05M X 84Cm Dozer Ball Pit

QAR 219.00
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The Up In & Over Dozer Ball Pit is the perfect ball pit for boys and girls who love big trucks and have big construction dreams. A stand-in cab with mesh walls for parent visibility connects to an inflated, movable scooper. Kids can replicate the movements of an actual construction site by loading up the included 25 play balls. The structure is designed to be simple and long lasting - a drawstring is used to move the blade which is connected to the cab by an inflated knob (so there's no chance of breaking). The safety valves provide air retention during play while speeding up inflation and deflation. Bulldozer-inspired ball pit for construction-loving kids.


  • Stand-in cab with mesh walls for parent visibility
  • Inflated, movable blade for backhoe action
  • Includes 25 multi-colored play balls
  • Includes repair patch for accidental punctures (air pump not included)? Interactive cab and movable lift-blade
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