LEGO Hospital
LEGO Hospital
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LEGO Hospital

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Cool LEGO City set with a total of 816 bricks incl. road plates that can be assembled for a hospital.

The LEGO City set is the perfect toy for the creative child who wants to build and play with the big hospital and the 12 minifigures, including Dr. Flieber, Dr. Spetzel, Citrus the Clown and Wallop from the TV series LEGO City Adventures, as well as an infant character.

The hospital is very detailed and in several floors with space to play inside. It contains i.a. a reception with playroom for children, maternity ward, toilet and an MRI scan room as well as a helicopter landing platform on the roof. The kit also includes an ambulance with space for the accompanying stretcher and a rescue helicopter.

Accessories such as plaster bandage, a syringe and a wheelchair are also included.

The set can be easily connected to other LEGO City sets using the road plates and create a LEGO City urban environment, as it is also known from the TV series LEGO City Adventures.

The LEGO City set is easy to build and with the digital guide Instructions PLUS, which is part of the LEGO app, you can both zoom and rotate in the building instructions.

Recommended age: 7+ years

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