Nicotoy Animal Toy Brown Bear 60cm
Nicotoy Animal Toy Brown Bear 60cm
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Nicotoy Animal Toy Brown Bear 60cm

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  • A wonderful, cute and adorable Brown Bear 60cm in height from Nicotoy is perfect for your cute little one. The plush is so soft that it is the best companion for your child to hold, snuggle or just play with happily. The plush is also made from child safe materials that it makes perfect for little baby. The plush is perfect for gifting.
  • FEATURES/SPECIFICATION: Made with safe and nontoxic material Super soft plush and made of high quality materials A wonderful companion for your child Perfect gift toy to your little one
  • SKILLS/BENEFITS: Social Skills - Through imagined interactions children learn to empathize and practice behaviors they have seen modeled by those around them.
  • Language Skills - When children first learn to talk, they are excited to use their new skills. Conversations with their stuffed animals help them to develop this muscle. Practice makes perfect!
  • Providing Comfort - A treasured stuffed toy represents security and familiarity they can carry with them. When faced with new situations, a furry friend may help a child to cope, and feel less vulnerable.
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