Clementoni - The Big Cosmetic Laboratory
Clementoni - The Big Cosmetic Laboratory
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Clementoni - The Big Cosmetic Laboratory

QAR 399.00
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  •  The beauty salon that every littlescientist will want, all in one big kit!
  •  This incredible science laboratory will enable your child to produce loads of original creations:
  •  bath salts, bathfoam, facial mask, scented plaster casts, lip balm, shampoo, perfumes and evenscrubs, wipes, lipstick and soap ...
  •  everything they need to become a true cosmetics expert!
  •  Kit contains essences and ingredients torelease your child's creativity in complete safety, guided through theexperiments step-by-step by the extensive illustrated manual.
  •  Display stand for exhibiting creations and"laboratory" bench included in the package.
  •  Made in Italy.
  • Suitable for age 8 years and above .
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