ChapmeiDino Transporter Dino
ChapmeiDino Transporter Dino
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ChapmeiDino Transporter Dino

QAR 199.00
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Product description

You're hauling some dangerous carg a wild, prehistoric beast! Can you transport it safely to dino valley. It won't be easy. Despite being restrained, this dino is doing all it can to break free! As you careen along, the truck rattles and rocks. Press the buttons to activate driving, lights and sounds features. Can also be pushed for free-wheeling play.


- 1 Dinosaur and 1 Transporter Vehicle (37cm Long)

- Truck includes light and 3 different Sound Functions, press button for forward movement, even back / front irregular move.

- Dino can take away form the tank for separated component and its can be shaking effects for make more fun.

- Provides mechanical movement function for Dino

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