Viga Fire Station w/Accessories
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  • معرف المنتج KNW106PRE00036

Viga Fire Station w/Accessories

QAR 349.00
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'-This super value Fire Station toy comes with a 2-storey fire house with an openable garage door. Will provide hours of role play fun for children.
-From firefighters to emergency fire truck and helicopter, from road blocks and fire hydrant to even a loyal firehouse dog, the perfect design is perfect for solo play or playtime with friends!
-Where there's a fire, there's a little fireman. Help the firefighter climb up the ladder to the helicopter or slide down the pole to drive the fire truck and get a good vantage point to start putting the fire out.
-While enjoying the scenarios as they creat, kids' imagination can be sparked.
-It is also a gorgeous toy with high quality, which helps improve hand-eye coordination and critical thinking.
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