Playgo Mighty Musical Playmat
Playgo Mighty Musical Playmat
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Playgo Mighty Musical Playmat

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Playgo Group is one of the most reputable exporters and manufacturers in Hong Kong. We have been engaging in toy design and manufacturing business since the 1970's. Playgo Group is specialized in wide range products which include infant toys, preschool toys, boy items, girl items, dough, outdoor toys, art & music related toys and games. we have developed more than 1000 toy products. stylish girls can enjoy applying makeup and styling their hair while perched in front of the vanity. FEATURES/SPECIFICATIONS: Made with high quality materials Made with non-toxic materials Perfect gift for your kids Perfect toys for indoor Safe for Children to play SKILLS/BENEFITS: Enhance Imagination - toys help to stimulate a child's imagination and allows them to think out the box. Motor Skills - As your child grows on a daily basis, they need to develop different motor skills which are important for their development. Interactive toys allow children to develop their ability to master dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Social Skills - When kids play, they love having someone else to join in on the fun and play with them. Toys have a way of allowing them to play and engage with other kids - a crucial skill to develop especially for those schooling years and beyond

Dimensions :71 cm x 31 cm x 1 cm

 Age:1 year - 3 years

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