Discovery Toy Bubble Wand Mega Loop
Discovery Toy Bubble Wand Mega Loop
Discovery Toy Bubble Wand Mega Loop
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Discovery Toy Bubble Wand Mega Loop

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  • MAKE BUBBLES BIGGER THAN YOU Put children and your friends inside a bubble using this wonderful Mega Loop from bubble experts Uncle Bubbles. People inside bubbles trick works best indoors. Giant Bubbles are perfect for indoors and outside.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make massive giant mega bubbles, bubble doughnuts and bubble tunnels. Our kit has a megaloop wand, inflatable bubble pool and enough bubble solution to have a party at home/garden.
  • PORTABLE kit so it can be used anywhere. Whether it be at parties, schools, adventure playgrounds, home, work or school. Professional bubble performers rely on our kits to create amazing bubbles to stand inside.
  • UNIQUE SECRET PROFESSIONAL FORMULA - Uncle Bubble uses a giant formula that has been used by bubbleologists to build bubbles that have broken Guinness World Records. It's your turn now. ASSORTED COLOURS supplied at random.
  • USER TIPS: Bubbles will always pop on something that is dry. Therefore it's important to make sure the top of the dipping tray is wet with bubble liquid before use. Simply dip the giant wand and gently rub both sides of the giant tipping tray making sure it is fully wet. It’s recommended to buy one of the 1:9 Uncle Bubble concentrate. We offer 378ml (12.8 oz) or 944ml (32oz) bottle which will enable you to put in a further 300 to 1000 people and multiple uses.