The Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzles - Emergency Rescue
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The Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzles - Emergency Rescue

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Learn about emergency services – children will love the emergency rescue theme of this exciting puzzle. The bright illustrations provide a range of talking points to keep even young learners motivated.
Increase concentration & focus – the puzzle encourages the child to build up concentration as they work to complete the puzzle and discover each new illustration. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to improve a child’s ability to focus on a task to completion.
Develop problem-solving skills – working out which piece goes where is a wonderful way to develop problem-solving skills. Using trial and error, with the pictures to guide them, children will work out new techniques for solving the puzzle. These problem-solving skills will help them as they undertake other tasks.
Boost self-esteem & confidence – completing a puzzle, either together with an adult or independently, gives a child a sense of achievement that provides them with a healthy boost to their self-esteem. Learning new skills is a great way to increase a child’s sense of self-esteem.
Improve motor skills/hand-eye coordination – putting the puzzle together is a good physical challenge for children, boosting their developing motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination; two transferable skills that will help them in many areas of their education.