Sylvanian Families Village Shoe Shop  Image#1
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Sylvanian Families Village Shoe Shop

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Let your Sylvanians put their best foot forward with a pair of beautiful shoes from the Shoe Store. This store has everything in store from clogs to sneakers, your Sylvanians will probably find their new shoes here. In addition to 2 displays, this set also contains 6 pairs of children's shoes and 3 pairs of toddler shoes. There is a beautiful display for the beautiful pumps and there is a sofa where the Sylvanians can sit while fitting. Make sure the shoes are kept at their best with 2 types of shoe polish, 2 types of wax and 1 brush. There is even a mirror with them so that they can see how their new shoes look. Of course there are 2 shoe boxes so that the Sylvanians can take their purchases home. With more than 20 pieces and 9 pairs of shoes, this set contains everything you need to open your own shoe store!