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Sylvanian Families Tuxedo Cat Family

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Teddy is very quiet and reliable, he loves his family very much. On a day off he likes to go shopping with his daughters or teaches his wife Tess and the others to play tennis in Sylvanian Village. Tess is very cheerful and active. She is up to date with the latest trends and loves new and beautiful things. She visits new stores immediately after the opening. She keeps track of all fashion trends by reading fashion magazines. Liv is just as reliable as her father and she is also good at sports. Although she has a very different personality than her twin sister Lulu, the two sisters are very close and like to go shopping together. Lulu is cheerful and beautiful, just like her mother. Her personality is very different from that of her twin sister Liv, but they have the same taste for clothing and therefore often borrow clothing from each other.