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Sylvanian Families Dinner For Two Set

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This Dinner-for-Two-set is the perfect gift for a father and mother who want to spend some time together. There is even a three-course dinner for two, the water already runs into your mouth. With 16 pieces of cutlery, 2 cups, 2 bowls, 4 glasses, a water carafe and a butter dish, this set ensures that every meal can be enjoyed in style. A wide selection of small items is also included, as well as 6 full plates of food that they can eat. There are even 2 muffins and 4 slices of bread in a real bread basket. The menu contains everything from salads to bread. This set therefore provides a balanced dinner for your playmates. If your Sylvanians feel like something sweet, the water will already get in their mouth when they think of dessert or muffins!