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Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Family

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Everyone who has a problem in the village will receive the right advice from Viktor. He is also a good and fast striker, leading his team to the victory in football tournaments. He also teaches his soccer arts to children as a coach of the village football team. Julia is very good at tidying up and she knows how to find everything in her well-organized cupboards. If her children don't look, she quickly tidies up their toys. So sometimes her children get angry and shout "we were still playing with that!" Julian can run very fast. He offers everyone to do the shopping for them and he is very fast at that. When a boyfriend came to play with him and something was forgotten, he ran so fast to bring it back that he caught up with his boyfriend on the way. Catharina can learn well and she answers everyone's questions at school. She is especially good at maths and always gets good grades for tests. She is the only one in the family who is not very good at sports, but she does her best to become good at running. Julian helps her with that.