Sylvanian Families Canoe Set  Image#1
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Sylvanian Families Canoe Set

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Canoeing has become very popular in Sylvanian Village! Sylvanians love discovering the lakes and rivers in their boats! The canoe comes in a beautiful lemon curd-yellow shade with 2 matching oars. Safety is paramount in Sylvanian Village, so there are also 2 life jackets, 1 blue and 1 pink. This makes it the perfect set with which brother and sister can go on an adventure on a sunny day. This is the right set if you want to bring some excitement into the life of the Sylvanians, but make sure you teach them how to swim before they go out on the water alone! The rope is perfect to capture the boat or to help the Sylvanians steer towards the river. The figures are not included in this set.