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Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre

QAR 379.00

The Ballet Theater of Sylvanian Families is a cute toy for children and contains a special Chocolate Rabbit girl figure who wears ballet shoes and a tutu and is exclusively available with this set. Place a maximum of three figures on the rotating stage and turn the handle to make them dance. The theater can play music from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker, which makes your ballet show even more classic. You can also connect a music player to the theater and play your own favorite music through the speakers. The practice bar can be turned around and turned into a table. The theater stage can also be turned into a skating rink. It can also be used for fashion shows, school performances, dance parties and more. The figures in the Ballet Friends and Skate Friends sets can be placed on stage for many more hours of fun. The Ballet Theater can also be connected to the Illuminated Mansion, a Sylvanian Families dollhouse