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Owleez Flying Baby Owl

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Nteractive flying pet toy: I'm owleez, the interactive baby owl toy that can really fly, but I need your help! Can you teach me? The more we practise flying together, the better I'll fly! Responsive to touch: I respond to your touch, movement and care. Love me, pet me, tickle me, make me dance - I love to rock and sing! When I'm hungry, feed me my berries accessory...Yum! Over 100 sounds and movements: I have over 100 sounds and movements and can show you my mood by changing my eye colour! Usb rechargeable: place me in my nest to easily charge me with the built-in usb cord. We can keep playing together while I charge! Includes: 1 owleez, 1 nest, 1 food accessory, 1 quick start guide,