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Laser X Fusion Complete

QAR 445.00
  • 2 Laser X Fusion Blasters up to 250 ft. Range.
  • 1 long-range adapter that extends the range to over 500 feet.
  • 1 The point range allows you to see opponents from afar.
  • Wide adapter range that extends the ballast area to 20 feet wide to 30 feet range
  • 1 micro receiver can be used as a wrist receiver or back vest.

Includes: 2 Laser X Fusion Blasters, 1 Front Vest, 1 Micro Receiver, 1 Long Range Adapter, 1 Long Range Adapter, Detection Range and Accessory Cable. All X laser equipment can explode and be hit by other X laser equipment, but Laser X fusion accessories only stick to Laser X fusion lasers.