Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch
Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch
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Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch

QAR 9.00
Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patches are a quick and easy way to patch up punctures on inflatable products. Each pack includes 10 of the heavy-duty repair patches which are great for patching up boats, pools, spas and airbeds. Bestway has ensured that the puncture repair patches are water-resistant., allowing you to repair problems below the waterline of the boat, pool or spa. Each puncture repair patch measures 2.5" x 2.5"making them ideal for patching up smaller punctures and abrasions. To apply the self-adhesive puncture repair patches, simply clean the damaged area of your inflatable, peel off the back of a patch and then neatly stick it down. Once you've applied an inflatable repair patch, leave it to set for 30 min's before reflating your product.
  • 655 sq in (423cm2) stick-on patches
  • 10 pcs included
  • Blister card
  • 36 Ea, Lb(kg)
  • Contents: 10 pcs of repair patch