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Aquabeads Bead Pen

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Aquabeads are colorful, sparkling beads that magically stick together by spraying with water. With Aquabeads children from the age of 4 years can so to say 'paint' imaginative pictures, without any paper or pencil. Aquabeads are harmless and safe.

With the Aquabeads ABC & 123 Motive Templates, you will receive ten templates for the letters of A-Z, numbers from 1-9 and beautiful motives. So you can tinker with the Aquabeads craft beads great word and number creations. At Aquabeads, beads connect magically - just like pearls. The difference: it works without ironing, only just by spraying water. Use this product with our craft kits or accessories!

• With the pearl pen, you can place the beads on the crafting board much faster and easier.

Width: 7 cm
Length: 1.5 cm
Height: 18 cm