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Air Warriors Rail Raider Blaster Toy Gun

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Perfect look and feel for a dart blaster shotgun. Previous pump-action blasters never got so close to the shotgun look, either because a magazine stuck out of the blaster or you could only load a single dart into the front of the barrel (uncool). Or the multi-shot blasters were simply too clumsy, so they might operate as a shotgun, but didn't really not have the looks and the feeling. With the Rail Raider now a dart blaster shotgun is available, which offers the right looks and feels like a shotgun thanks to the innovative internal magazine. The Rail Raider is loaded with six darts via a flap in the back of the Blaster. 12 Buzz Bee long distance darts are supplied with a particularly light, air-cushioned dart head. A sight that can be pushed onto the accessory rail is also included. On the rail, scopes from other Buzz Bee blasters can also be attached. Reduced design for maximum "boomstick effect"