Chapmei Dino Lab Breakout PS
Chapmei Dino Lab Breakout PS
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Chapmei Dino Lab Breakout PS

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Sound the alarms… there’s been a Dino Lab Breakout! An experiment at the lab has set the T-Rex off and it’s broken through the barricades. Granite and Shadow call for help as they try to contain the chaos while the T-Rex and other dinos escape. You can help the Dino Valley team members restore order. The lab includes a lookout station, car port, and gates that can be opened and closed. When the heroes need to make a speedy getaway, you can place a figure behind the steering wheel and roll him to safety in the free-wheeling vehicle. Press the buttons to hear its ferocious roar and see its eyes light-up as it goes on a rampage. Also includes a smaller dino, plus snap-on accessories, tools and weapons. Action figures and dinosaurs all have poseable joints.


Features: Playset includes 2 dinosaurs, 1 ATV, 2 figures, the Base and accessories. Attachable weapon and accessories. Big dinosaur with light and sound. Big and small dinos with movable arms. ATV with Free Wheel. Approximated size of the Base: 19.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches