Carrera Rc Fold N' Roll Racer
Carrera Rc Fold N' Roll Racer
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Carrera Rc Fold N' Roll Racer

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Drive or lock the Fold And Roll car in any direction!
Carrera control machines are a combination of high power, unique design and are able to overcome any obstacle. This car is 35 cm long and travels at a speed of 15 km / h. An attractive feature of the Fold And Roll machine is that it folds in a ring and moves in motion. This car is designed so that you can play with it on grass, asphalt and dirt fields. To start the car, just press the button on the top of the remote control and see how your car gathers like a ball and continues to move with increasing speed. Using the cable and fast charger included in the set, you can fully charge the car battery in 80 minutes, and with each full charge, you can play with it continuously for about 20 minutes.

Features of Carrera Fold And Roll control car with 1:16 scale

• Product of the German company Carrera
• Built in 1:16 scale
• Dimensions of the car about 35x14.5x8 cm
• Maximum speed of about 15 km / h
• Ability to fold and bend the car
• Ability to steer in 4 directions front, rear, left and right
• With 2.4 GHz R / C remote control
• With charging cable
• With 700 mAh lithium battery
• Charging time about 80 minutes
• Play time with each full charge about 20 minutes
• With charging cable
• With lithium battery With a volume of 700 mAh
• Made of plastic in accordance with European standards (CE)