Clementoni - Crazy Tattoo
Clementoni - Crazy Tattoo
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Clementoni - Crazy Tattoo

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  •  In exclusive for all Crazy girls out there, these fantastic augmented reality tattoos will make a super-trendy addition to your look.
  •  With the Crazy App the tattoos magically come to life in 3-D. You can take pictures, personalise them and, better still, you can even share them with your friends on some of the coolest social networks!
  •  The game comes with a special box with lots of tools for applying and decorating your tattoos: tweezers, sponge, glitter, pencil, body glue and a water container.
  •  On the back of the box is also a special pocket where you can keep all the cut-outs of your tattoos, so they'll be ready to apply whenever you want!
  • Suitable for age 6 years and above .