Step2 Junior Chic 3Piece Furniture Set  (D)
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Step2 Junior Chic 3Piece Furniture Set (D)

QAR 499.00
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  • This kids furniture set is a comfortable and stylish addition to inside or outdoor play spaces. Create a fashionable and modern space for your kids with features like the modern aesthetic and fun contemporary colors.
  • Spread out on the large table space while little ones craft, snack and more with room to spare. Designed with comfort in mind, the chairs are a sturdy base for kids to sit and play the day away!
  • Our ever tough plastic is durable enough to withstand the elements and normal wear and tear of little ones. Plus, clean-up is easy because of the smooth plastic construction.
  • Each piece in this set is lightweight, making it portable and easy to rearrange in any space.
  • In the box: 1 chair in lime, 1 chair in Raspberry, 1 table in blue.
  • 13"D x 36.25"W x 15"H
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