Rokr Air Vehicle
Rokr Air Vehicle
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Rokr Air Vehicle

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After the 19th century, steam engine, electric motor, internal combustion engine and other power devices have been applied one after another, creating favorable conditions for the advent of spacecraft.

In 1851, Henry Gifford of France made a loaded spacecraft, which was filled with hydrogen, helium, hot air and other gases to generate lift and rise into the air. It was pushed forward by propeller or jet engine and could fly in any direction.

The ship has a length of 44 meters, a diameter of 12 meters and a volume of 2499 cubic meters. It is driven by a three horsepower steam engine. It looks like a cigar.

On September 24, 1852, gifard filled the air with hydrogen and piloted the spacecraft, flying 27 kilometers at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour in Ibero dorom, a suburb of Paris, setting the flight record of the world’s first spacecraft.

ROKR replica of retro airship model Rokr Air Vehicle LK702 is powered by wind-up spring. It has a steampunk outlook with delicate wooden skeleton. Tease your mind by constructing gears and aircraft. Watch it rushing out with its spinning propellers!

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