KidKaft Austin Swing Set/Playset (D)
KidKaft Austin Swing Set/Playset (D)
KidKaft Austin Swing Set/Playset (D)
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KidKaft Austin Swing Set/Playset (D)

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By utilizing all 360˚ of space, the KidKraft Cedar Summit Austin Swing Set/Playset provides fun up, down and all the way around. The angled rooflines bring a new slant to play, creating a clubhouse-type vibe. Go ahead, invite friends over. With belt swings and an acrobar, there's plenty of room to share the fun. Two slides give options on how to zip to the ground. The built-in kitchen is a cool feature that lets kids cook up more imagination. Colorful rocks adorn the climbing wall to entice kids to journey to the upper clubhouse. There, they can clamber one more level up for the ultimate view and lookout post. There's so much to do in the Austin Swing Set that kids may never want to come inside.

  • Twisty, tunnel slide
  • Steering wheel
  • Rock wall with multicolored rocks
  • Kitchen area with sink, faucet, burner and pans
  • 2nd story clubhouse
  • 2 rope swings and 1 trapeze swing
  • Dimensions: 194.9" x 127.6" x 137.8"
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Hardware
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