Fingerlings 2.0 Monkey - Blue Leo
Fingerlings 2.0 Monkey - Blue Leo
Fingerlings 2.0 Monkey - Blue Leo
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Fingerlings 2.0 Monkey - Blue Leo

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Go bananas and reveal friendship at your fingertips with all-new Fingerlings interactive baby monkeys! Meet Leo, a daredevil baby monkey who loves to go wild with 70+ sounds and reactions.

INTERACTIVE BABY MONKEY WITH 70+ SOUNDS AND REACTIONS: Each all-new Fingerlings baby monkey has a unique voice and personality with 70+ cute sounds and reactions from singing to laughing to showing you their love.

THEY REALLY KNOW IT'S YOU! Their heart beats and they say hello as soon as you put them on your finger, because they really know it's you! They also have a different personality and reactions when they're on or off your finger.

MEET LEO THE DAREDEVIL BABY MONKEY: Off your finger, he's daring and wild. On your finger, he's your cool BFF that loves to have fun.

REACTS TO YOUR TOUCH: Feed them, kiss them, pet them and more! With sensors on their head, mouth and belly, Fingerlings react to your touch and respond to you. You can also shake them and flip them upside down for more reactions, because they love to monkey around.

ALL-NEW SOFT FUR AND POSABLE TAIL: Fingerlings now have fuzzy fur on their head, so you'll want to pet them. And their posable tail can hang down or flip up so they can sit on your desk or shelf.

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